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Below is an excerpt of CEO Allan McKeown’s comment in an article published by the Australian Financial Review 17 June 2015 by Agnes King

Technology is completely changing the face of accountancy workplaces.

Prosperity Advisers wants to be on the front end of this trend.

It embarked on a move to cloud-based accounting software some years ago, but has since expanded that initiative into a client-facing service, called Prosperity Predict, helping clients make sense of the reams of data they generate in real time.

The firm has half a dozen pilots in train with clients in retail and medical services that revolve around benchmarking and dashboards.

“The intepretation of this data is the value add, that’s the bit accountants can do,” Prosperity chief exceutive Allan McKeown said.

He said the desire to interpret and make sense of data – and to benchmark against competitors – is a gap in the market. “If we don’t fill it, someone else will,” Mr McKeown said.

Prosperity has recruited the aid of a young tech entrepreneur, Mat Vandervoort, to steer its Prosperity Predict program.

“Our aim is to get where clients will need us to be in five years time rather than a slight improvement on last year’s model,” Mr McKeown said.

“Input from younger, edgier team members like Mat give us a greater chance of success in being there.”

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About Allan McKeown: Prosperity Advisers

Allan McKeown is the CEO of Prosperity Advisers. He has over 25 years experience providing business growth advice, corporate assurance, and strategic taxation services to a range of business clients. Asset Magazine has rated him as one of Australia’s “Magnificent 7” Financial Advisers and he has extensive experience as an independant Director of businesses in a number of industries including Power, Ports, Banking and Professional Sport.

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