Fuel Prices Can Be Beaten Down

Filling your tank with fuel over recent months has hurt the wallet more than ever before.

With fuel prices in NSW and QLD hitting around $1.50 per litre 
in November, the rising cost of filling up the petrol tank has become quite stressful for many drivers.  But a Novated Lease can reduce the stress.

According to Mark Welsh from Prosperity Smartdrive, a novated lease can reduce this petrol-cost induced stress by providing you with regular and reliable savings on your fuel.

“When a customer get a novated lease, their car’s running costs are drawn from their pre-tax salary, so they can potentially benefit significantly from it.”

Vehicle leasing as part of a salary package is no longer just for senior executives.

Individual novated leasing of business vehicles is becoming popular for workers earnings below $60,000, which is the point where maximum income tax savings kick in for lease holders.

“The bulk of new leases that we are putting through come from business users who can recover the GST on running costs including fuel, tyres, maintenance and repairs,” said Mark Welsh from Prosperity Salary Packaging.

Novated leases have become a popular alternative in recent years for businesses wishing to provide their employees with cars.

It’s also a great way to get you a car that you can choose yourself, regardless of your job,” he said. “And with the new ATO regulations removing  mileage requirement you don’t even need to travel long distances to see the benefits – you money can go a whole lot further though.”

Smartdrive is a local service from Prosperity Salary Packaging.  For more information contact your Prosperity Smartdrive Team today on (02) 4907 7222. 


photo source: Flickr Martinofmany